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Administrative and management services

Administrative and management services

Our comprehensive portfolio of advice and legal specialized services has allowed us to develop supplementary tasks in order to provide an additional support in terms of administrative and management services for companies or individuals.

Outstanding specialities within the administrative and management services

Obligations and contracts

Duties and obligations documents and contracts drafting and revision.
Services of drafting and reviewing documents and contracts obligations for both professionals and individuals.

Translation services

Professional translation services in Spanish, Catalan, English and German of legal documents requiring knowledge and statements in one or several languages. We offer a professional translation service of legal documents and translations in Spanish, Catalan, English and German.

Processing of notarial deeds

We offer a management and processing of notarial deeds service for the sale and purchase of properties.
We have a service of processing notarial deeds for the sale of property to facilitate the implementation of your Real Estate operations in Mallorca.
In addition to also carry out any additional paperwork to sales of properties and land ownership changes and charges (water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc.)

Procedures before official bodies

We offer a comprehensive advice service handling any kind of administrative procedures before the official bodies.
Complete our wide range of professional services with the completion of proceedings before the official bodies of Mallorca and Spain in order to speed up all administrative steps required for the realization of their Real Estate transactions, financial, tax, labor and legal.

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